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David Krag, MD to Deliver Keynote Address at the Breast Cancer Conference “Researching the Cure: A Personalized Approach”

World-renown cancer researcher and S.D. Ireland Professor of Surgical Oncology at the University of Vermont, David Krag, MD will deliver the keynote address at the 12th annual Breast Cancer Conference Saturday, October 24rth at the Sheraton Burlington Hotel & Conference Center:  “Researching the Cure:  A Personalized Approach”.

He has devoted his career to developing efficient and effective ways to battle breast cancer including pioneering the “radiotracer” sentinel node biopsy procedure in the world’s largest clinical trial. The successful results have become the worldwide (38 countries) standard of care for millions of cancer patients. His latest work at the Vermont Cancer Center involves the development of targeted therapies, a personalized approach to breast cancer treatment that uses the body’s own immune system to fight the disease.  This customized cancer treatment developed in the UVM Cancer Research Laboratory has resulted in the development of a tracking beacon, now approved by the FDA, to guide radiation treatments which will have enormous effects on treatments of cancers including breast cancer, prostate cancer,  lung cancer and others.

Here in Vermont, Dr. Krag’s research has become the incubator for new and innovative cancer treatment ideas including finding methods of making cancer fighting treatments like chemotherapy more effective with fewer debilitating side effects.  Success in this research will allow development of a new generation of customized cancer-seeking drugs for almost any type of cancer.   Dr. Krag’s cutting edge research in the fight to successfully treat cancer is supported by the S.D. Ireland Cancer Research Fund which is dedicated to providing on going funding for focused cancer research at the University of Vermont.  Dr. Krag has been the holder of the S.D. Ireland Professorship of Surgical Oncology at UVM since 1999.


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