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David Krag, MD, Announces Primary Findings of the Largest Randomized Phase III Clinical Trial

CHICAGO – On Monday, June 3, 2010, Dr. David Krag, S.D. Ireland Professor of Surgical Oncology at the University of Vermont, announced the primary findings of study NSABP B-32, the largest clinical trial to compare outcomes of breast cancer patients who received sentinel node resection to those who received both a sentinel node resection and axillary dissection, at the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s 2010 Annual Meeting in Chicago.

The primary goal of the study – which lasted over 5 years and was conducted in clinics across the country with over 5,600 participating women – was to determine whether the overall survival rate of patients who received sentinel node resection alone was equivalent to that of patients who received sentinel node resection combined with axillary dissection in an effort to reduce the need for additional treatment in some patients.  Dr. Krag’s initial findings, having not found any significant negative effects of treating with sentinel node resection only, support this more conservative course of action.  In fact, the patient group who were treated through sentinel node resection alone had a significant decrease in morbidity when compared to those who went through additional treatment.  Compelling evidence that resection alone is a safe and effective therapy for these breast cancer patients.

The preliminary findings of this study are due to be published in an upcoming issue of Hem/Onc Today, a newspaper for hematologists and oncologists published by SLACK Incorporated.

Dr. Krag’s cutting edge research in the fight to successfully treat cancer is supported by the S.D. Ireland Cancer Research Fund which is dedicated to providing on going funding for focused cancer research at the University of Vermont.  Dr. Krag has been the holder of the S.D. Ireland Professorship of Surgical Oncology at UVM since 1999.


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