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Cat Bordhi
Denise Interchangeable Knitting & Crochet
Island Ice Cream, Scoop for a Cure

2011 St. Patrick’s Day Concrete Mixer Parade Sponsors

Cat Bordhi

I never know how to answer the question “What do you do?”  Once on an airplane I replied, “I’m an archaeological forensic topologist.”  The two men sitting beside me suddenly sat up straighter.  “So you’re a medical examiner?” one asked.  “No, I am a knitter,” I replied.  And I wasn’t fibbing or even exaggerating.  Knitting is indeed topology (the study of knots and pathways) and I am filled with immense curiosity about how it’s been done and how else it might be done, which is forensics.  As for archaeology, my passion for Peru and its textile traditions have been leading me in that direction as well.  Most of all, I am a person who loves the innocent, unfettered intelligence and sense of wonder that rises in knitters as we explore this sensuous world of pulling loops through loops and rearranging them to create beauty.  I absolutely love to teach, and it is natural to me to perceive each student as their best self.  This, and my passion for teaching make each workshop whole and fresh.  One of my students wrote:  “your generosity of spirit and kind attention to everyone set the stage for all to grow and learn.”  I am the author of one novel and am the artisan publisher of all seven of my knitting books, as well as a number of single patterns.  Since 2005, I have been leading Visionary Retreats, mentoring other knit designers and fiber artists dedicated to artisan publishing spirited books of unique and enduring value.

“David’s bright heart and agile intelligence led him to pioneer the sentinel node localization technique which has now protected the arms of over one million women with breast cancer – many of them the arms of knitters.

Denise Interchangeable Knitting & Crochet

Owner Linda Krag has supported the SD Ireland Cancer Research Fund nearly since the fund’s founding in 1999.  A breast cancer survivor herself, Linda knows first hand the trials faced by every breast cancer survivor and the family members and friends supporting them.  During her time in treatment she found herself wrapped in the beautiful knitted creations of her friends and supporters.  It was in this outpouring that the idea for the pink Denise Kit was born.  As Linda put it “it was one of those ideas that was completely natural: a wonderful way of extending the comfort I felt from knitting and from my community of knitters, a way of passing on joy to others while giving back to those who worked so hard to provide me with the best treatments available.”

Five dollars from the purchase of every Pink Kit goes directly to support the SD Ireland Cancer Research Fund.  To date Denise Interchangeable Knitting & Crochet has raised $149,521, showing just how far a small donation can go.

To learn more about Linda’s story and the partnership between Denise Interchangeable Knitting & Crochet and the SD Ireland Cancer Research Fund go to  To purchase your own Pink Denise Kit visit

Island Ice Cream, Scoop for a Cure

Patty & Gary Sundber, owners of Island Ice Cream, partnered with the SD Ireland Cancer Research Fund to create “Scoop for the Cure”.  Twenty Five cents from the sale of each four ounce, single serve ice cream cup with the green “Scoop for the Cure” label supports the SD Ireland Cancer Research Fund.  To date Island Ice Cream has contributed hundreds of dollars to the fund, all raised one quarter at a time.  Available in a variety of Island Ice Creams signature flavors “Scoop for the Cure” cups can be found at these local stores:

  • Sam Mazza’s Farm Market, Colchester, VT
  • Dick Mazza’s General Store, Colchester, VT
  • A&B Store, Grand Isle, VT
  • Keelers Bay Variety, South Hero, VT
  • Gracies, Stowe, VT
  • U-Save Beverage, South Burlington, VT
  • Fletcher-Allen Hospital, Burlington, VT

St. Patrick’s Day Concrete Mixer Parade, Burlington, VT

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