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The Fund

With three young children, we have a strong interest in education… We also like to be associated with cutting-edge initiatives –that’s why we wanted to support Cancer Research.” – Scott D. Ireland

In 1998 Scott D. Ireland and his wife Kimberly decided to take an important step toward a very ambitious goal – curing cancer.  After battling cancer in their own lives and experiencing the success and limitations of existing cancer treatments, Scott and Kim realized that the support of a skilled group of translational researchers was one of the best ways to have a direct impact on moving closer to a cure.

They began their journey with the creation of an endowed professorship of cancer research at the University of Vermont’s College of Medicine.  This substantial gift, and only the 6th endowed professorship in UVM’s history, insures that meaningful and sustained funds are continuously available to develop new cancer treatments and progress scientific understanding of this devastating disease.  But soon the Irelands realized that an even bigger plan was needed if the ultimate goal of a cure was to be realized.

In 1999 they launched the SD Ireland Cancer Research Fund in an effort to bring light to the work being done in their own backyard and to bring additional friends and supporters to the cause.  For the past 11 years the SD Ireland Cancer Research Fund has supported the ground breaking research being done by Dr. David Krag and his research team at the University of Vermont’s College of Medicine.  This support has been rewarded with successful new therapies, including radio-guided sentinel node surgery, which is now the standard treatment for breast cancer nationwide.

** It is the policy of the SD Ireland Cancer Research Fund that we do not pay taxes and fees associated with any donations that we make **